Here is the old acupuncture coming in front of morphine again for pain control. (5/5/18)

I wonder if the NHS is paying attention?

Have you been diagnosed with high blood pressure? (9/8/17)

Before you start taking pharmaceuticals, please look into natural solutions or lifestyle changes you can make.

There are many effective ways of lowering blood pressure, including nutrition, stress management and exercise. This is because high blood pressure is associated with metabolic disharmony such as insulin resistance.

Take a look at this video by Dr. Mercola. The exercise takes three minutes, and should ideally be done two to three times a day, with at least two hours break between each session. It was developed by Dr. Zach Bush and if you have done qigong you will note the postures have much in common.

Biochemically speaking, it stimulates the release of nitric oxide stored in your endothelial cells in your blood vessels, which

  • Causes your blood vessels to relax and dilate, lowering your blood pressure
  • Stimulates and improves your immune function
  • Decreases the viscosity of your blood, reducing platelet aggregation and the potential for stroke or heart attack
  • Provides powerful anabolic stimulus, or increases lean body mass

Thank you Dr. Mercola.

Are you getting enough Vitamin D3? (31/10/16)

Natural medicine practitioners have been asking this question for years. You may have heard about the updated Public Health England guidelines extending recommendations for Vitamin D3.

Basically, as an adult take a daily supplement containing 10mcg of vitamin D throughout the year if you:

  • are not often outdoors, such as those who are frail or housebound
  • are in an institution such as a care home (work in an office? added by me)
  • usually wear clothes that cover up most of their skin when outdoors
  • have dark skin, such as those of African, African-Caribbean or South Asian origin

As usual, the devil is in the detail. Latest research shows that maximum absorption is by way of oil/spray/liposomal form rather than a powder pill and adding Vitamin K2 MK-7 in key and it also takes care of the calcium issue.

If you would like to understand more, please watch free interviews with Dr. Kate Rheaume-Bleue. Her website is also useful There is also a recent short video by Dr Mercola.

Quick reference to UK the guidelines .

Open Day (31/10/16)

We had an enjoyable Open Day with two of our trustees Gwyneth and Nanoo helping on the day. There were three practitioners offering craniosacral therapy, different types of massage and acupuncture. We had a steady flow of visitors and we raised more than the usual amount in donations. Many thanks for your generous support!

Thank you to some of our regular patients who turned up reliably for more of what they like and to new patients who adventurously dared to try something new.

We will be posting the date of our next Open Day shortly.

Open Day (18/10/16)

A few times a year we organise an Open Day at Pathways. This is an opportunity for anyone to pop around and experience any of the therapies we provide. Treatment is free but donations are much appreciated. There is no need to book, just come along and enjoy.

Our Open Day has been re-scheduled for Saturday, 22nd October.

Doors open at 11 am and we will be receiving patients for taster sessions till 3pm.

There is no charge but donations are much appreciated as always.

There will be three practitioners available offering a wide variety of massage techniques, acupuncture, cupping and quash.  

You are warmly invited.