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    Joy received 4 free treatments at Pathways as part of our offering for refugee women. Tara sat down with her to see how it went.

    Tara: I was wondering if you could tell me a bit about your experience of having the course of treatments at Pathways. 

    Joy: Yeah I will say that it was very very helpful, you know when I started I thought like I wont feel it you know but when I started treatment to be honest I was relaxed I was like… I feel comfortable, I feel fine and I release all my stress. It was very very very very good. 

    Tara: Ah that’s wonderful to hear. What was the reason for coming to treatment? 

    Joy: I had a back pain since I was [sexually assaulted] in my country so since 2010 my back is like on and off on and off. You know that treatment was like… I was getting a therapy like a physio but I stopped it because every time I go there one day they treat me and I feel pain and I cry with the pain. So they say that I need to stop (until I get my injection), but that one [Pathways] it was different than the physio so it make me feel comfortable you know feel I don’t know how to express myself… it was like magic! 

    Tara: Aw, so it helped relieve some of the pain? 

    Joy: Yes! The way the lady was doing that you know oh my god and er I don’t know if I can get another one because I don’t believe it’s finished just four sessions it’s finished you know. 

    Tara: Yeah, so what would you say the main benefits have been? 

    Joy: The main benefits is helping you feel relaxed. You don’t feel your pain, you don’t feel like… it’s not just the pain – your worry, your bodies your whole bodies… to be honest for a long time I haven’t felt like that I am on strong painkillers, taking these strong painkillers it’s like on and off, on and off but since I tried that treatment it’s like all is back to normal. Yeah I feel very very happy and I feel I’m enjoying to do that you know and to do more because I feel comfortable. I feel very nice there. 

    Tara: It’s important isn’t it, to feel comfortable with the practitioner…

    Joy: Yeah because you know the first time I thought it was like I thought it would be the same like the physio I get you know because I was like I’ll see, but when I started the way she was doing it, it was different to what I was expecting so I enjoy it, yeah. 

    Tara: Great, and you think that you need more treatments ideally? 

    Joy: Yes I think if I have chance to have another one I will be grateful because it’s like quick. It was very nice. 

    Tara: Great, that’s good to hear. I guess if you’re relaxed, your body can relax and it’s more healing. So how is your pain at the moment? 

    Joy: Yeah my pain at the moment is reduced, you because I taught my kid – I showed them how to do it so you know he’s a kid they don’t know how to do it but I try to show them because I feel nice when I do that yeah. 

    Tara: So you were trying to show your child how to do the massage on you? 

    Joy: Yes because for me I know everything is in the head, is a psychology, when I feel pain and for me I see that this treatment is helping me so if I get it I will feel fine that’s what why I was showing my kids how to do that even though they don’t know how to do that but for me I thought when they do that I’ll feel fine but because when I do that I feel ok so that’s what I was trying to do. 

    Tara: Aw, ok is there anything else you’d like to add? 

    Joy: Well what I’d like to add is that if you can get more fund try to help the people because the people need treatment, like myself it help me if I can get another you know like 4 weeks again I will be grateful. If we get the donation we will be grateful for us to get treatment because it helps. 

    Tara: I’m really glad that it helped and we’ll keep trying to get more funding for helping you and other people. Thank you. I’m really glad to hear that it’s been so helpful for you. That’s really good news. 

    Joy: Thank you. 

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